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My life after Facial Feminisation Surgery

  Exactly a year ago I had my Facial Feminsation Surgery. The procedures that I decided to […]

My life after Top Surgery

“Two years ago, I had Top Surgery. For those who don’t know what Top Surgery is, it’s […]

Evolving attitudes to evolve activism

My name’s Eva Echo and I’m a trans activist. That’s something I never thought I’d say. I […]

How To Combat Dull Skin As A Trans Woman

Brighter skin can seem difficult to achieve when our faces are put through so many elements on […]

Creating Perfect Skin for Transmasculine People

Cold weather, stress, hormonal changes; a lot of factors can impact our skin’s health and appearance. As […]

Is there anything a trans woman can do to prepare for voice coaching. Any videos? Websites to read?

If you are embarking on voice therapy and asking your voice to perform extra-ordinarily, the best thing […]

What I wish I knew before… starting T!

Starting hormone therapy is most commonly the moment when people feel they are starting their real physical […]

Eva’s documentary “Being Transgender or Non-Binary”

“Right now, transgender rights being debated – mainly by those who aren’t even transgender. There’s also a […]

Are transgender bodies ignored by modern medicine?

Written by Nicole Scavuzzo This article published on the BBC on 17th August 2020, explores how gender […]

What I wish I knew before… Top Surgery!

  A surgery can be an overwhelming experience for many – as much as we know that […]


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