Your voice is central to your identity.  It is one of the most expressive tools you have.  It cannot be separated from your thoughts and emotions and it defines your sense of self.  It connects you to others.

It is important that your voice represents the person inside. Our voice and speech coach, Lori Lynn, will help you discover the voice that presents you as you wish others to see you.  The process requires courage to embrace new feelings and new sounds. Lori will support you to develop the confidence you need to achieve your true voice.

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Therapy for your voice can help you present your true self by:

  • improving voice tone quality
  • balancing timbre and breathiness
  • minimising strain
  • increasing pitch range
  • increasing intonation and inflection
  • adjusting vocabulary and speaking style
  • incorporating gesture
  • modifying body language

Our Coach

Lori Lynn - Non-Surgical Speech and Voice CoachingLori joins the team bringing over 25 years’ experience and expertise in voice. She began her career as a professional classical music singer, with solo performances in America, Europe and major London venues such as Royal Albert Hall, St James Palace, Opera Holland Park and Her Majesty’s Theatre.

During her performing career she faced, on a daily basis, the physical and psychological demands of a person who relies on their voice for their livelihood, identity and self-worth. At the same time, Lori worked to rehabilitate other singers’ voices when they encountered pain and performance difficulties. It is through this work that she was compelled to become a Voice Therapist.

Lori holds a Master of Music Performance from Boston University. When she turned her attention to voice rehabilitation, Lori gained her MSc in Voice Pathology from UCL and her PGDip in Speech and Language Therapy at City University. Since graduating, she has worked as Head of Therapy at Epilepsy Society and has continued to provide private singing instruction, coaching and voice rehabilitation.

Lori’s hands-on experience teaching, coaching and rehabilitating the voice has equipped her with a breadth of perspective and depth of insight into managing and treating voice conditions. Coupled with that is an insider’s understanding of the voice, how it works and how it defines the person. One of her motivations for entering the profession of voice pathology and speech language therapy was to help healthy individuals with healthy voices meet specific and extraordinary vocal demands. Hers is a skill set that is particularly beneficial for professional voice users, and she considers transgender voices akin to that of a professional voice user. She looks forward to embracing transgender clients and supporting them to discover their true voice.

To schedule an appointment with Lori you can contact her directly at [email protected] or by calling her on +44 7966 473625.


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