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At The London Transgender Clinic, we commit to ensuring you understand the cost of your treatment plan and ensure we will not introduce any hidden costs.

Due to the individualised service we provide, we cannot provide you with an exact price until you have a consultation to discuss your goals, however, we have provided you with a guide price so you can begin to plan your finances.

When a formal quotation is provided, it will include everything from the treatment, our supportive aftercare, and the hospital stay where required.

We also offer Finance options so you can spread the cost of your treatment. Find out more on our Finance page.


Hormone Therapy

Direct Debit Payment Plan

Upfront Fee £200
Year One £59 per month x 11 months
Year Two (and onwards) £39 per month x 12 months
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Follow Up – Valid for patients who commenced treatment before 1st September 2020 only £175
Endocrinologist Medical Assessment Varies depending on availability
Private Prescription £59



Initial Consultation (Face to Face) £350
Initial Consultation (Miss Berridge) £250
Follow up (existing patient) £150
Private Prescription £59

Facial Feminisation

Brow Lift Starts from: £5,500
Cheek Enhancement Starts from: £5,500
Chin Reduction/Shaping Starts from: £6,600
Eye Feminisation Starts from: £3,700
Fat Grafting (Facial) Starts from £3,700
Forehead/Brow Contouring Starts from: £6,600
Hairline Lowering Starts from: £7,500
Jaw Shaping Starts from: £6,500
Rhinoplasty Starts from: £7,000
Thyroid Shave/Adams Apple Reduction Starts from: £4,760
Upper Lip Lift Starts from: £2,700

Facial Masculinisation

Surgical Facial Masculinisation Starts from: £6,600


Gender Confirmation Surgery – Penile Scrotal Flat Technique Starts from: £27,000
Gender Confirmation Surgery – Colovaginoplasty Starts from: £32,000
Revision Genital Surgery Varies depending on individual needs
Clitoroplasty Starts from: £6,000
Revision Labiaplasty Starts from: £6,000
Vaginoplasty Revision Varies depending on individual needs

Body Feminisation

Breast Augmentation (B-Lite Implants) Starts from:: £7,150
Breast Augmentation (Standard Implants) Starts from:: £6,000
Buttock Enhancement Starts from £10,200
Silhouette Body Shaping Starts from £10,200

Body Masculinisation

Top Surgery: Double Excision with Free Nipple Graft Starts from: £6,900
Top Surgery: Peri-Areolar Incision Starts from: £5,800
Top Surgery: Liposuction Starts from: £4,600


Full Face Lift Starts from: £7,910
Mini Face Lift Starts from: £4,910
Neck Lift Starts from: £5,500
Scar Revision Varies depending on size and complexity


Initial Consultation (Injectables) £250 – £100 redeemable on treatment
Initial Consultation (Tattoo Removal) £75 – redeemable on treatment
Initial Consultation (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) £75 – redeemable on treatment
Non-Surgical Facial Masculinisation Varies depending on individual needs
Anti-Wrinkle Injections 1 area: £350
2 areas: £415
3 areas: £450
4 areas: £500
5 areas: £550
6 areas: £600
Hyperhidrosis Underarms: £600
Palms (hands): £750
Plantar (feet): £900
Dermal Fillers (Consultant) 1ml: £600
2ml – 3ml: £950
4ml – 5ml: £1,500
6ml – 7ml: £2,000
Dermal Fillers (Nurse) 1ml: £350
2ml – 3ml: £750
4ml – 5ml: £1,350
6ml –7ml: £1,850
Tattoo Removal
10% discount applies for courses of 6 and 9 treatments
Very Small (Up to 2cm): Individual: £60
Small (Up to 5cm): Individual: £90
Medium (Up to 12cm): Individual: £170
Large (Up to 17cm): Individual: £225
X-Large (Up to 25cm): Individual: £340
Major (Excess of 25cm): Individual: £450+
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) 30 mins: £145
45 mins: £170
1 hour: £200
1hr 30 mins: £275
2 hours: £325

Hair Removal

Initial Consultation inc. test patch £75 – redeemable on treatment

Laser Hair Removal

10% discount applies for courses of 6 and 9 treatments. Bespoke courses can be created with a mix of areas to suit your needs

Eyebrows Individual: £65
Cheeks Individual: £75
Beard Individual: £150
Side Burns Individual: £75
Chin Individual: £75
Upper Lip Individual: £65
Upper Lip & Chin Individual: £100
Neck Individual: £100
Ears Individual: £65
Shoulders Individual: £130
Chest Individual: £150
Upper Back Individual: £150
Lower Back Individual: £150
Under Arms Individual: £75
Upper Arms Individual: £130
Abdomen Individual: £130
Navel Line Individual: £75
Back and Shoulders Individual: £260
Chest and Abdomen Individual: £260
Feet or Hands Individual: £75
Brazilian Individual: £150
Classic Bikini Individual: £100
Buttocks Individual: £150
Upper legs Individual: £200
Full Legs Individual: £260

Other Services

Voice and Speech Coaching Individual Session (50 mins): £80
10% discount when you book a course of 3 sessions or more
Make up & Styling Make Me Up: 2 Hour Package: £160
Includes: Consultation, full makeover, tutorial if required (including a full list of products used), aftercare/homecare adviceShop ‘Til You Drop: 3 Hour Shopping Experience: £120
Assists with the purchase of clothes, wigs, makeup & general supportThe Full Package: 5 Hour Experience: £270
Includes: 2-hour Make M Up session & 3-hour Shop ‘Til You Drop experience combined
Etiquette Training ½ Day Package: £200

Full Day Package: £350
Includes: Transforming body language, deportment, tips and tricks, personal image & style

Dining Etiquette Includes: transforming body language, deportment, tips and tricks
Luncheon Tutorial: £350
1 hour 30 mins including meal

Private session: on demand


Please be aware that guide prices are subject to change. For a guaranteed fee, please book a consultation.


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