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Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery

GCS / GRS in Male to Female transition involves conversion of the penile and scrotal tissues into female genitalia that look as natural as possible.

The aims of GCS /GRS are;

  1. Create a normal functioning vagina and clitoris
  2. Provide normal female external genitalia.

At the time of GCS /GRS, the testes are removed (orchidectomy) and the penis is excised (penectomy). The new vagina (Neovagina) is created utilising all of the penile skin and a paddle shaped flap of skin from the posterior surface of the scrotum. This is referred to as the “Peno-scrotal inversion technique” This technique ensures that the neovagina has good depth and calibre(size) to allow normal vaginal intercourse. The new urethral opening, meatus (for urinating) is fashioned and the labia are created using the anterior scrotal skin. Clitoroplasty can either be cosmetic or functioning using a “sensate glans flap” taken from the glans of the penis.

The majority of Transgender individuals will achieve a good functioning neovagina with the peno-scrotal inversion technique with a depth of up to 20 – 22cm. However, some individuals who do not have adequate penile and scrotal skin will require a colovaginoplasty which utilises a segment of the large intestine (bowel) to create the neovagina.

You should be aware that GCS / GRS once performed is totally irreversible and therefore it is our responsibility at London TransGender Surgery to ensure that GCS /GRS is always in your best interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is GSC, GRS suitable for?
  • How is GCS, GRS Gender Affirmation Surgery performed?
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  • How painful is GCS, GRS?
  • What is the recovery?
  • What are the benefits of GCS, GRS?
  • What are the risks of GCS, GRS?
  • What preparation do I need before my GCS, GRS?
  • What reassurances for I have with GCS,GRS at London Transgender Surgery?

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