Facial Feminisation Surgery, FFS provides dramatic changes to the male face which enables Male to Female Transgender patients to fully live in the female role with confidence. However, many ancillary facial treatments or procedures may be necessary to achieve the optimum results. Various Facial Surgery procedures such as Eyelid Lift, Blepharoplasty, Face Lift, Neck Lift together with Skin Care Programs including Skin Peels, Obagi Blue Peel, will complete the Facial Feminisation Surgery Program.

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The optimum procedure for you will depend on your goals and specific anatomy.

Classically Feminine Features

  • Low straight hairline
  • Short curved forehead
  • High, arched tapered brows
  • Absence of frontal bone bossing
  • Large eyes, not deep set
  • Short upper lip with well defined philtrum complex
  • Full everted vermilion
  • Non-projecting thyroid cartilage
  • Wide or narrow cheek and jaw bones
  • A more delicate nose

Classically Masculine Features

  • High, curved hairline with “widows peaks”
  • High obtuse/angled forehead
  • Low, straight, heavy brows
  • Frontal bone bossae
  • Prominent supraorbital rims
  • Small deep set eyes
  • Strong, long, prominent nose
  • Acute nasolabial angle
  • Long upper lip
  • Narrow lip vermilion
  • Square straight teeth
  • Prominent chin
  • Prominent thyroid cartilage
  • Adam’s Apple
  • Facial hair
  • Wide or narrow cheek bone and jaw

“I have got a new face!”

5 5 Star Rating Written on April 30, 2019

I went to the London Transgender Clinic for Hormones and Face Feminisation Surgery.

In both cases they were fantastic! In getting hormone treatment they were both sympathetic and very helpful. I thought that they were both thorough and professional.

The surgery went well and with very little or no pain. I have had no problems during recovery.

I now have a lower hair line, higher eyebrows, a much thinner neck, no bags around my eyes, a new, more feminine, nose and a general face lift.

I look at least ten years younger as well as more female.

This has been a huge boast to my confidence and I would recommend the London Transgender Clinic to anyone.

I plan to go back for more surgery if possible.



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