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Eye Feminisation London

Females have relatively larger eyes with the upper lid at a slightly higher position. The female eye has a little more downward slant on inner side (slanting from outer angle towards the inner angle), this is known as “Canthal tilt”. A larger look with the open expression of female eyes can also be attributed to raised and thin brows as this leads to more space visible between eye and brow.

Surgical Correction:
Usually there is no direct surgical procedure to make the eyes larger. But correction of brow bossing, and placing the brow position at a higher level makes the eyes appear larger and more feminine.

Another common procedure around the eyes is blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is not directly meant to increase the size of eyes but this is more of a rejuvenating procedure. With this, extra loose skin is removed along with / without the fat bags. It tightens the skin and makes the area smooth. For small eyelid bags fat grafting is a good option.

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