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Can you make your voice deeper?

Best way for a Pre-Testosterone trans male (almost 18) to deepen his voice? What can I do to make my voice deeper? How do you train your voice to make it deeper? It is interesting that three people wrote in to ask questions about deepening their voices. It’s interesting because the word “deepen” relates to […]

Make Me A Woman

Make Me A Woman is a professional service based at , for anyone interested in learning how to apply makeup in a safe, private and friendly environment. The sessions are aimed are trans women who wish to enhance the way they look through the use of products, want better knowledge of how to dress for […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Female-to-Male Top Surgery

If you are born a woman but identify as a man, life can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating. If you have been experiencing gender dysphoria, you may be considering gender-affirmation surgery. Part of this process is female-to-male top surgery. A female-to-male top surgery, also called transmasculine top surgery, is an operation performed on those with […]

If You’re Thinking About Having Surgery, This Unique Treatment Can Help

There are certain things everyone should do before having surgery – in the same way you wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without doing any training. A healthy diet, avoiding coughs and colds in the weeks before treatment, and quitting smoking can all have a huge impact on your surgical outcome. And there’s also another […]

What to Know When a Friend Is Undergoing Transgender Surgery

The majority of children are still taught in a way that conforms to traditional gender-normative beliefs. As a result, as they grow up, they may not be prepared to fully understand either gender dysphoria or the gender-confirmation process. Transgender surgery is an intense process, both physically and psychologically. If your friend is undergoing transgender surgery, […]

Transgender Hormone Therapy Is a Complex Process

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong body or gender? If so, there are many people just like you. There are many individuals who want to see a more masculine or feminine versions of themselves in their mirror’s reflection. If you would like to appear as the gender you identify as, there […]

Psychiatric Assessments Creating Depression and Suicide among Trans Patients

Around forty per cent of transgender people have attempted to take their own lives at some point in time. That’s a shocking, harrowing statistic, supplied by the National Centre for Transgender Equality. And yet, having worked with such patients at my clinic for many years, it’s also not one that surprises me. We need to […]

Part of Preparing for MTF Top Surgery Is Choosing Your Breast Implants

MTF top surgery refers to a breast-augmentation surgery performed as part of gender-confirmation surgery. It is a solution for non-binary transgender people or transwomen to achieve a more feminine-looking appearance. It is performed by Mr. Inglefield, a skilled plastic surgeon with special training in gender-confirmation surgeries. Breast augmentation can happen any time during the transition […]

What to Expect for Your Female-to-Male Top Surgery

When you are on your way to aligning yourself to the physical body that you feel comfortable in as a person who identifies as male, you will most likely be considering a top surgery. This operation helps trans men feel more like their authentic selves. Female-to-male top surgery is specifically designed to provide patients with […]

I Want My Facial Features to Look More Feminine

If your gender identity does not match the sex and gender you were assigned at birth, you may be considering undergoing gender-confirmation surgery. In many cases, part of male-to-female gender-confirmation surgery is making your facial features more feminine. Medications, creams, lotions, serums, makeup, and similar products can only do so much to help feminize your […]


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