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I Want My Facial Features to Look More Feminine

If your gender identity does not match the sex and gender you were assigned at birth, you may be considering undergoing gender-confirmation surgery. In many cases, part of male-to-female gender-confirmation surgery is making your facial features more feminine. Medications, creams, lotions, serums, makeup, and similar products can only do so much to help feminize your

Deciding to Undergo Male-to-Female Gender Confirmation Surgery

When someone feels that they have the spirit of a woman but are trapped in a male body, they’re experiencing gender dysphoria. Thankfully, medical science can help these people make things right. Male-to-female gender confirmation surgery (MTF GCS) allows a person to change their body to match the way they feel. Male-to-female gender confirmation surgery

Transgender Hormone Therapy: What Should I Expect?

Transgender hormone therapy is a form of hormone-replacement therapy. This is done to ensure hormonal changes in the body of a transgender person so that their body aligns with their gender. The problem faced by a transgender person is that the sexual characteristics of their body do not match their gender identity. Transgender hormone therapy

The Most Important Things to Know About Transgender Surgery

“Transgender” is a term that is applied to people who identify with a gender identity that is different from the one they were assigned at birth. There are now a host of treatments like hormone-replacement therapy and surgeries like gender-confirmation surgery that help a transgender person change their body to conform with the gender identity

Eye-Feminisation Surgery: What Is the Canthal Tilt?

In general, female eyes are usually larger in proportion to their entire face as compared to male eyes. In addition to this, the eyes of women tend to have a downward slant towards the inner corners, which is an anatomical feature called the canthal tilt. Many people would like to have more prominent and feminine

A More Feminine Nose

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features in both men and women. When a person transitions from male to female, an important part of this transition may be getting her nose cosmetically reshaped so that it does not look as masculine. Having a masculine nose can affect a woman’s self-image and confidence,

Learn More About Male-to-Female Transgender Breast Augmentation

Breasts are one of the most prominent features on a woman’s body. During a male-to-female transgender surgery, breast augmentation plays an important role in feminizing a person. A male-to-female transgender breast augmentation is performed in the same way that a breast augmentation is performed on a cisgender woman. The end result is to enhance the

Simple and Effective Adam’s Apple Reduction

When you are younger, the cartilage on your throat keeps your vocal cords safe. Once you hit puberty, the cartilage will start growing until it forms a bump known as an Adam’s apple. Many people are unhappy with the way that the girth, shape, and size of their Adam’s apple create a traditionally masculine appearance.

Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery London

Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery is performed to transition the penile and scrotal tissues into the female genitalia. Gender confirmation surgery (GCS) can create a functioning vagina and clitoris and provide an aesthetically normal female external genitalia. During the GCS procedure the testes are removed and the penis is excised. The vagina is then creating

Transgender Breast Augmentation London

Transgender Breast Augmentation is frequently a part of the male to female gender reassignment surgery. The addition of breast size and fullness can help increase body confidence for many male to female transgender patients. While some breast development will occur for many individuals after beginning hormonal therapy, for some it the size may be smaller than

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