Cold weather, stress, hormonal changes; a lot of factors can impact our skin’s health and appearance. As transmasculine people, makeup can often feel intimidating and like it’s impossible to achieve a natural, flawless skin base whilst still appearing masculine. At Jecca Blac, we celebrate that makeup has no gender and that anyone, including transgender men and non-binary people, should be able to wear what they want, regardless of gender norms. Whether you want your skin to appear naturally healthy, or you want to create a dewy base for makeup, this simple routine should help you to achieve this.

Skincare is hugely important: we’d recommend starting your day with a cleanser, following this with an exfoliant and then moisturising the skin. A lot of people think that if they have normal or oily skin, they shouldn’t need to use a moisturiser. In actuality, moisturising is important to everyone; whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, moisturisers help to replenish your skin with the right types of hydration and help your skin to regenerate it’s skin cells, reducing any irritation you may experience. This is especially important if you choose to shave your face or use Minoxidil, as these both can irritate the skin.

Our Hydrate Primer is the ideal product to streamline your routine; doubling up as both a smoothing Primer and a daily moisturiser. Our formula contains both fatty acids and ceramides which work to maintain and replenish your skin’s moisture, helping your skin to hold moisturising benefits for longer.

Our Glow Drops Primer in Champagne providing the dewy glow for this look.

Often applying concealer or foundation alone can mattify the skin and make it appear flat and more obvious that you’re wearing makeup but illuminating primers can help with this. After skincare is complete, to bring a natural healthy glow into the face, apply a pea-size amount of our Glow Drops Primer in Champagne across the face. When used in small amounts under concealer, our Champagne shade adds a subtle gold, warm sheen to the face, making your skin appear naturally glowing.

The effects of testosterone and hormonal changes can often bring about unwanted acne and consequently scarring to the face. Medium coverage concealers can help to cover these while still appearing natural. Our Correct & Conceal Palette is ideal for this as it provides a lightweight feel to the skin while also providing a buildable coverage to disguise any unwanted imperfections. For acne and scarring, apply just the Concealer side with your fingertips or a makeup sponge to any affected areas. For undereye darkness, apply the Corrector first to counteract any blue or purple undertones, then apply the Concealer over the top to neutralise this to your natural skin colour.

If you’re wanting your face to appear more conventionally masculine, contouring can help you with this. Our Sculpt & Soften Palette can help you bring in artificial light and shadow to your face so you can make the shape of your face appear different. For transmasculine people, we’d recommend applying our Sculpt shade across your jawline, on the temples of your forehead, across your hairline, underneath your cheekbones and down the sides of your nose. For our Soften shade, we’d recommend applying this to the centre of your forehead, your cheekbones and on the tip of your nose. After this, just blend this all in with a makeup sponge to complete your contour.

To finish the look, apply a translucent powder across the face and you’re done! If you’re struggling with any areas of makeup or would like to have your shade matched, don’t hesitate to head over to our free makeup assistance tool on our website and upload a selfie or photo of your jawline.

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