“Top quality team, fantastic service, phenomenal results!”

I can’t thank the LTC enough, to be honest. Everything was easy, clear, and I was listened to and taken care of every single step of the way. I’d seen other surgeons and teams before this, and I hadn’t quite got the same sense that I did here. 10/10 very skilled, kind and pleasant surgeon, excellent team, fantastic aftercare, I’m struggling to find faults really. I am writing this review just over a year later from my actual surgery, so I’ve been through the entire care package that they offer and not once have I been let down.


Scheduling is a slow process; when I called in and arranged an initial consultation in [summer month], the earliest date I was offered was a few months later. The initial consultations I found extremely gentle and respectful, I was examined behind a screen and only after I’d already decided that I wanted to go ahead (I think it was close to the surgery date). I didn’t want anything unconventional like no nips or a special scar shape so I can’t comment there but I found Mr Inglefield really listened to me too, instead of just telling me what he was going to do like other consultations I’d had. So already I felt like I was in safe hands.I was quoted 8.3k in early 2022. It was very straightforward to pay, and the invoice was broken down for me. There were no other hidden fees.


This was my first ever surgery, so I had a lot to learn. However, it was made a LOT easier for me by the top-quality team who really take care of you every step of the way – they’re lovely, relaxed people that really put me at ease even through the stress and discomfort of healing. Even on the reception desk there are lovely people – some of whom are trans, which is always a great sign!!

I did have minor complications due to the stitches interacting with my body, but I always found the nurses helpful and responsive when I needed them. Scar care and post op instructions were also very clear and easy to follow. I liked the massage sessions too and they seemed to help. I wasn’t left guessing or on my own at any point. Special shoutout to Charlie the nurse and Casper at the desk.


The important part…I got EXACTLY what I wanted. Exactly. Inglefield is a very skilled surgeon and I have some of the best results I have ever seen! Thanks to the post-op care and low stress environment I have healed really well too. It looks completely natural, straight and aligned, and the scars are neat and identical too. Just beautiful. I can’t believe I only had to do this once! What an amazing guy!


They do give you tramadol as the painkiller – personally this gave me WEIRD dreams and bad withdrawal. The post op garment was too big for me even in the XS size! In the end this didn’t matter much but if you’re very slim make sure you know ahead of time for a fix.They use a drains method, in case that’s a factor in anyone else’s decision.


All in all, the LTC is clearly a place that centers trans people. I would say it was expensive – and it is – but there is a lot included so all in all I think the cost is quite reasonable. I would definitely recommend to anyone with the means looking to have top surgery, and once again I say thank you so much LTC for one of the happiest, most caring and respectful experiences in my medical journey! I am so glad I found you! 😊”

From Trustpilot