Brighter skin can seem difficult to achieve when our faces are put through so many elements on such a regular basis. Our faces go through a lot as trans women – from daily makeup to treatments such as laser hair removal, as well as pollution and any other environmental elements that can lessen our skin’s natural glow.

Keeping your skin looking bright and healthy begins with your skincare. Particularly if wearing makeup regularly, it is essential to remove your makeup at the end of the day, follow with a cleanser, use an exfoliant suited to your skin, and moisturise every morning and evening. When keeping your skin moisturised throughout the day, it is essential to look for products containing fatty acids and ceramides – these are great for maintaining and replenishing your skin’s moisture levels from morning to evening and will keep your skin bright, smooth and healthy for makeup application.

Community trailblazer Juno Dawson wears our Glow Drops Primer in shade Rose Pearl.

We created a Primer which does exactly that – Hydrate. Jecca Blac’s Hydrate Primer is our first ever product to maintain your skin’s moisture levels while caring for your makeup base at the same time. Keeping your skin fresh and moisturised will undoubtedly combat any dullness, and will ensure a smoother base for your makeup throughout the day. We developed Hydrate to be SO moisturising, it could even replace your daily moisturiser – ideal for those makeup-free days, too.

Next, we recommend following with a little glow. Heavy makeup can sometimes take away the healthy, bouncy finish in our skin. That’s why we developed Glow Drops – a Primer for a dewy, shimmery base that’ll catch the light even when worn beneath full coverage makeup. We find applying Glow Drops after you’ve finished your morning skincare will provide a glowing base and ensure a smoother application for any face makeup that follows. Dull skin? Be gone!

Charley wears our Glow Drops Primer in our limited edition festive shade, Champagne!

For an even brighter glow, we’ve launched our limited edition festive Glow Drops shade: Champagne! Delivering an even brighter finish than our original Rose Pearl shade, we designed Champagne to have a brighter gold tone, perfect for the festive season.

For a final touch of glow when completing your look, our Glow Drops Primers in either shade can be applied as a highlight to the cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders, and anywhere else you’d like to add some shimmer to. Adding a touch of shimmer to any high points can totally brighten your overall look, and is a simple step to adding light to any areas of concern for dull skin.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! We also offer a free makeup advice service – to gain tailored advice to you, simply upload a selfie or photo here:

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