Starting hormone therapy is most commonly the moment when people feel they are starting their real physical transition towards true self. Undoubtedly, other important aspects can, for some, have an even greater impact in making them feel more at ease with their felt identity. It can be a piece of clothing, telling people what pronouns they should be using or rocking a fresh new haircut.
For those transmasculine individuals who decide to start hormones as part of their transition, testosterone is what is commonly prescribed (if there are no contraindications). Your nurse will go through every detail of the effects of starting hormone therapy at your initial consultation, explaining exactly what might happen while on therapy.
Our body is a wonderful machine and if you pay close attention, a lot of things will start happening that you had probably not even thought of! Taylor had the wonderful idea to ask his followers what their most unexpected changes were and what they wish they knew before starting testosterone; this is what they came up with!

Disclaimer: some of the changes listed below will not happen to everyone on T, this is simply due to the genetics of the individual. If you are experiencing any changes that you are concerned about, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

  • Nose hair
  • How weird bottom growth would feel
  • Hairy bum
  • Your pee will smell differently
  • How many forms of T there are
  • That hair can itch like hell
  • Your body temperature will feel higher
  • You will most likely gain weight
  • Acne doesn’t start straight away so make sure you wash your face
  • What the emotional downsides of it are
  • Make sure you exfoliate all over in the shower to avoid ingrown hairs
  • Changes take time
  • Warm your T up before you inject it, it’s less painful
  • You’ll be hungry all the time
  • It can make depression worse
  • Getting sweaty more easily
  • That hair will grow everywhere
  • Mentally you will change too
  • Bottom growth can happen quickly and can be painful
  • Being frustrated more easily
  • How my voice would change as a musician
  • Hairy ears
  • That I would smell different
  • Bottom growth would be uncomfortable
  • The hot flushes
  • That everyone changes at different speeds
  • That all my body fat would go to my stomach
  • Not being able to cry
  • The sex drive
  • The mood swings
  • The emotional changes
  • Chest dysphoria would worsen
  • I wish I had got looser boxers
  • T might not change my hips
  • Not everyone gets a huge sex drive

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