Etiquette Training with Finishing Touches

Femininity is more than just image. It’s also about speech, body language, mannerisms, attitude and much more.

The Etiquette Consultant offers ‘Finishing Touches’ workshops for transgender women covering many areas of female* behaviour including feminine gestures, deportment and understanding your own body type in order to improve your overall image and confidence.

The feminine way to sit

You can attend a workshop for an overview of body language and deportment or reserve a personalised bespoke session.

Julia Esteve Boyd is an International Etiquette Consultant dually based in London and Lausanne, Switzerland who has a special interest in transgender deportment. She believes her ‘Finishing Touches’ can really help her clients to present the best possible image.

*Private sessions are available for FTM clients

For more information: The Etiquette Consultant – Finishing Touches

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Costs can be found on our Price List.

“Excellent Service!!!!”

5 5 Star Rating
Written on February 9, 2020

Having just had my consultation session, I must say that the service so far has been excellent. I managed to secure the appointment within a month of calling. The initial price is is high, but the service makes up for it. During the 1.5 hour consultation session, all the details of my transition were meticulously explained to me by Natalie, one of the nurses. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the whole experience, and that I understood all the complicated medical terms and procedures. I would definitely recommend the clinic anyone interested in going through with hormonal therapy.

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