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Psychiatric Assessments Creating Depression and Suicide among Trans Patients

Around forty per cent of transgender people have attempted to take their own lives at some point […]

Part of Preparing for MTF Top Surgery Is Choosing Your Breast Implants

MTF top surgery refers to a breast-augmentation surgery performed as part of gender-confirmation surgery. It is a […]

What to Expect for Your Female-to-Male Top Surgery

When you are on your way to aligning yourself to the physical body that you feel comfortable […]

I Want My Facial Features to Look More Feminine

If your gender identity does not match the sex and gender you were assigned at birth, you […]

Deciding to Undergo Male-to-Female Gender Confirmation Surgery

When someone feels that they have the spirit of a woman but are trapped in a male […]

Transgender Hormone Therapy: What Should I Expect?

Transgender hormone therapy is a form of hormone-replacement therapy. This is done to ensure hormonal changes in […]

The Most Important Things to Know About Transgender Surgery

“Transgender” is a term that is applied to people who identify with a gender identity that is […]

Eye-Feminisation Surgery: What Is the Canthal Tilt?

In general, female eyes are usually larger in proportion to their entire face as compared to male […]

A More Feminine Nose

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features in both men and women. When a […]

Learn More About Male-to-Female Transgender Breast Augmentation

Breasts are one of the most prominent features on a woman’s body. During a male-to-female transgender surgery, […]


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