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Introducing Monthly Payments for Hormone Patients

At The London Transgender Clinic your safety is our utmost priority. We want to ensure that when […]

“My GP was so fine with taking on my Testogel prescription that he did it without telling me!”

Adapted from Reddit So, I’m in the UK, where waiting lists to be seen by the NHS […]

Ashley shares his Top Surgery journey on You Tube

Our newbie Brand Ambassador Ashley Fletcher has recently had Top Surgery with The London Transgender Clinic and […]

Interview with our Brand Ambassadors

Taylor and Eva have recently become our Brand Ambassadors and have decided to reveal some interesting facts […]

Can you make your voice deeper?

Best way for a Pre-Testosterone trans male (almost 18) to deepen his voice? What can I do […]

Make Me A Woman

Make Me A Woman is a professional service based at , for anyone interested in learning how […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Female-to-Male Top Surgery

If you are born a woman but identify as a man, life can be difficult, confusing, and […]

If You’re Thinking About Having Surgery, This Unique Treatment Can Help

There are certain things everyone should do before having surgery – in the same way you wouldn’t […]

What to Know When a Friend Is Undergoing Transgender Surgery

The majority of children are still taught in a way that conforms to traditional gender-normative beliefs. As […]

Transgender Hormone Therapy Is a Complex Process

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong body or gender? If so, there are […]


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