Flyer introducing Monthly Payments for Hormone Patients

At The London Transgender Clinic your safety is our utmost priority. We want to ensure that when you commence treatment with us, you are monitored closely to ensure we can identify adverse reactions to treatment, and address them as soon as possible, as well monitor your progress and ensure your development is in line with your individual needs.

We understand that seeking private care and maintaining the follow up care that we so strongly support for your safety can sometimes be costly, therefore we have decided to create an entire treatment package that is payable monthly, avoiding the need to pay out higher costs all at once. This new treatment package will be required for all our new patients commencing 1st September 2020.

Below you can find the care that we provide as part of this package and the total cost of your hormone therapy treatment plan up to two years. After two years, the majority of individuals have stabilised to their hormone regime and can be discharged into the care of their GP full time; If this is not the case and your levels aren’t where you want them to be by then, we can continue. No matter how long that will take, we will look after your HRT journey!

Flyer explaining Monthly Payments for Hormone Patients

Flyer with cost of Monthly Payments for Hormone Patients

Flyer explaining Monthly Payments for Hormone Patients

What if I do not want to continue with treatment during the two years?

If you discharge yourself within Year 1, you must continue your direct debit until the end of Year 1 or pay off the remaining amount through a one-off payment. We will then cancel your direct debit for Year 2. If you discharge yourself within Year 2, you must pay the full remaining amount of the treatment plan, either by direct debit or a one-off payment.

What if I cancel my direct debit or miss a payment?

If you miss a payment or cancel your direct debit without telling us, you will receive 3 reminders to pay the outstanding balance. In the event you do not pay the outstanding balance, you will be discharged from the clinic and your GP will be notified. Any outstanding payments will be escalated to our financial and legal teams who will contact you to pay any remaining balances.