Taylor and Eva have recently become our Brand Ambassadors and have decided to reveal some interesting facts about them – from their most embarrassing story to their biggest achievement.

What are your preferred pronouns?

EVA: She/Her


Why did you choose your name?

EVA: My first name comes from a band I know, Eva Plays Dead. They had about £3000 of gear stolen from their tour van so I set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for them to replace it. Towards the end of the campaign, I needed one final push to hit target so I said I’d change my name to include part of their band name if we hit target. In the final days of the campaign, Dr Martens footwear donated a chunk of money which took us over target and I stuck to my promise!!

As I don’t have anything to do with my family, I decided it’d be a good way to start afresh and be my own person so changed my surname at the same time. This is also band related. It comes from the name of a band that my band were supporting on the night I met my partner. Coupled with Eva, it makes me sound like a superhero, so I went with it.

TAYLOR: I was really lucky; Taylor was only the second name I tried. I created a list of names I liked the sound of, and then narrowed it down to a few. Charlie was the first name I had picked, however I knew way too many Charlie’s, it just wouldn’t have worked. Taylor was the second name I liked. I didn’t know anyone with the same name so had no preconceptions of the name. I also wanted a gender natural name, because at the time I identified as Non Binary. My middle name (Jay) was picked by my mum. Jay was her best friend that was killed in a motorbike accident when we were young. I am thinking of having Jay as a last name.

What’s your biggest fear?

EVA: Losing my partner. She is my world and my rock. We moved in together soon after getting together (don’t people tell you not to – only you know when you’re ready!!) and have never had a day or night apart since. 7 years later, we’re still by each other’s side, goofing around. She is literally the other half of me. I also hate anything with more than 6 legs and is called a spider. They’re sooooo grim. Especially with their 8 beady little eyes

TAYLOR: I have a fear of pigeons or seagulls, or most birds to be honest. I hate when they fly over my head. I also don’t like spiders and snakes.

What’s your biggest achievement?

EVA: Aside the obvious (transitioning and self-acceptance), I’d say my Guinness World Record. I’ve always lacked self-confidence and I get really anxious when surrounded by lots of people I don’t know, so pushing myself to play as part of the world’s largest full drum ensemble was certainly an experience. I wouldn’t say I’m over it all these days, but my GWR certificate is proof that I’m capable of doing something, even if my brain says no.

TAYLOR: Without being too cringe, transitioning. Without transitioning I would not be here today, it was literally saved my life.

What’s the thing people are most surprised to hear about you?

EVA: My taste in music. Because I’m covered in tattoos and have played in bands, people assume I listen to dark, angry devil-summoning music and are often shocked when I listen to Katy Perry or Little Mix!! To be honest, I love all kinds of music, from Bury Tomorrow to Beethoven. Oh, and my age too. That always seems to shock people ️

TAYLOR: That I have a natural blonde streak in my hair. Everyone thinks that it has been dyed, however this is something that runs in my family, that I have always had.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

EVA: Selfish drivers, or ones with zero common sense. This includes people who use their phones whilst driving (no call, video, message or snapchat is more important than the lives of your passengers or those around you) as well as people who stick their sat nav or dashcam right in front of them, obstructing their view of the road ahead. Absolute oblongs.

TAYLOR: Loud chewers, or slower walker

Nice cosy house or big grey loft?

EVA: In the past, I would have said a big grey loft but these days I’d settle for a nice cosy house. Doesn’t even need to be a massive house. Just enough to live in and to be surrounded by an army of animals.

TAYLOR: I think it depends on which stage of my life I am in and who is with me. But right now, I would probably say cosy house.

What language do you wish you were able to speak?

EVA: Dog. I’d love to know what Boomer is trying to say when he’s making all those cute little noises.

TAYLOR: I think a language everyone should know is sign language.

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

EVA: Oooooh no. Don’t do it. No, no, no!! Also, why is ham and pineapple pizza called Hawaiian? There’s nothing tropical about ham.

TAYLOR: No. Who wants warm pineapple and soggy dough?

Back to your LTC role, what excites you the most about being an ambassador for LTC?

EVA: Working alongside such a passionate and caring team and as well as being able to connect with so many people. The connection allows me to focus my activism and help create change where it’s needed. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it’s true!!

TAYLOR: I think the biggest thing that excites me about being an ambassador for LTC knowing I have helped someone with their transition, even if it’s one small question. I think being able to bring new ideas that overall help LTC as well.

What is the thing you wish everybody knew about trans people?

EVA: That we’re not a threat and that we don’t suddenly decide to be transgender. We’re just people too. Being different to the norm doesn’t make us any less human. We have no hidden agenda, we don’t want to brainwash your children nor do we want to overthrow cisgender people and take over the world. We just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace.

TAYLOR: That we are just as human as you are. We just want to be accepted, and not judge for every decision we make. We just want happiness, love and support, like everyone else. Maybe the struggle we go through every day, between dysphoria, and people’s judgement/discrimination.

What animal would you want to be reincarnated as?

EVA: A panda. Chubby, sleeps a lot, likes to eat. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty close to being a panda right now.

TAYLOR: I think I would be a dog, because they are loyal, they are always there for you. You always feel like they understand what you are going through even though they cannot speak to you. They are man’s best friend! I also love to nap, snack, but I don’t like running.

What place would you first go to, if you could teleport?

EVA: Your mother’s house!! Hahaha!! Umm probably to Jeff Goldblum’s house, so I can tell him how handsome I think he is.

TAYLOR: I think I would go back into the past. But then can you change what has already happened? Maybe I would just go to a hot country and get a suntan.

Sweet or savoury?

EVA: Savoury. I’ve never been one for things like chocolate or desserts. Lasagne is where it’s at. I’ll take that Italian meat cake over chocolate cake any day.

TAYLOR: Both? It really depends what mood I am in. I will always want sweet after something savoury.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

EVA: Telekinesis, I’d love to be able to move things with my mind. I could save people from across the road by moving them out of the way. Maybe even slap my enemies from afar? Maybe.

TAYLOR: I would love to be able to read minds. Although it would definitely be annoying at times, being able to hear every ones thoughts. Maybe if you can turn it on and off, that would be better.

If you were in prison with a life sentence, what would be your crime?

EVA: Bitch-slapping selfish and inconsiderate drivers from afar, using only my mind!! Or killing somebody really evil and doing the world a favour?! I wouldn’t mind doing time in the big house for something like that.

TAYLOR: Killing everyone that hurt animals’, especially dogs. I would then steal all the dogs in the world.

What would be your dream job?

EVA: I’d love to do more for transgender and non-binary people, so working for a healthcare service or charity to help create positive change. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that there’s only so much a person can do. Being part of a team that thinks the same will achieve so much more in a shorter time. Looking after pandas all day wouldn’t be a particularly bad job either.

TAYLOR: I have a passion for helping people. So any kind of job that gives me that fulfilment.

What motivates you the most?

EVA: Wanting to make the world a better place. Whilst I know there’s only so much I can physically do, I still want to do all I can, especially as I’m really competitive – esp with myself. If you aim really high and fall short, you’ve still achieved a lot, right?

TAYLOR: I am massively motivated by money. I do believe that money can impact happiness, I don’t think it can buy it. But I am also motivated by helping people, if I can help even 1 person, it will motivate me to keep going, and help more people.

Most embarrassing moment?

EVA: Oh dear, where do I even begin?? Ummm, it would probably have to be the time I shit myself on a night out. Being drunk meant that my attempts to clean things up only resulted in getting everywhere. The less I say about that, the better to be honest.

TAYLOR: I broke my ankle on a photo shoot because I was dancing to the Spice Girls. It hurt, a lot.