In general, female eyes are usually larger in proportion to their entire face as compared to male eyes. In addition to this, the eyes of women tend to have a downward slant towards the inner corners, which is an anatomical feature called the canthal tilt.

Many people would like to have more prominent and feminine eyes that would instantly enhance their facial features and provide them with a more expressive look. This procedure is often included as part of male-to-female gender-confirmation surgery.

While there is no surgical procedure to enlarge the eyes, there are a few techniques that can alter the natural canthal tilt of your eyes to provide you with more striking and well-defined features. Eye-feminisation surgery is one such procedure.

Before going into detail regarding eye-feminisation surgery, let’s first understand what the canthal tilt really is.

What Is a Canthal Tilt?

The canthal tilt may be described as the angle between the medial canthus (inner corner of the eye) and the lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye). It is an integral concept in periorbital aesthetics and forms the foundation of several eyelid procedures.

According to the experts, a canthal tilt of about five to eight degrees is considered to be the ideal for achieving a bright and youthful feminine look.

Canthal tilts may be desired as positive, neutral, and negative. A positive canthal tilt occurs when the medial canthus is located at an angle of five to eight degrees below the lateral canthus.

The reverse is called a negative canthal tilt and is often considered to be an advanced indicator of aging. Negative canthal tilt can make you look extremely old, tired, and sad.

A neutral canthal tilt occurs when both the medial and the lateral canthus are located along the same line and do not have any angle between them.

What Are the Procedures Used for Canthal Tilt Correction?

Two of the most popular eye-feminisation surgeries that are widely employed for the correction of canthal tilt include the brow lift and the eyelid lift.

Brow Lift

Often known as a forehead lift, a brow lift is essentially a cosmetic procedure that helps in raising the brows and reducing saggy eyelids. In this procedure, Mr. Inglefield surgically pulls the soft tissue and skin located around the brow and forehead region upwards.

This places the brow in a more alert position, giving the eyes a larger and more feminine appearance. It also restores brow symmetry for a more youthful and radiant look.

Eyelid Lift

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is widely employed by surgeons around the world to improve the appearance of the eyelids and make a person look younger, brighter, and sharper. The eyelid lift can be performed on both the upper and the lower lids and is very effective in correcting the canthal tilt.

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