When someone feels that they have the spirit of a woman but are trapped in a male body, they’re experiencing gender dysphoria. Thankfully, medical science can help these people make things right. Male-to-female gender confirmation surgery (MTF GCS) allows a person to change their body to match the way they feel.

Male-to-female gender confirmation surgery focuses on changing male genitalia to female genitalia. Over the years, this procedure has helped hundreds of thousands of trans women. If this procedure is something you’ve been interested in, it’s very important to learn as much as you can about it.

What Happens During MTF GCS?

Male-to-female gender confirmation surgery involves removing the person’s penis (known as penectomy) and testes (known as orchiectomy). After the male genitalia is removed, the team of surgeons creates a vagina. The process is known as vaginoplasty or a feminizing genitoplasty.

A male-to-female gender confirmation surgery package may include breast augmentation. Many patients also include procedures like facial-feminisation surgery and Adam’s apple reduction.

When a patient is interested in gender confirmation surgery, the procedure is not performed right away. To prepare the body for a more feminine appearance, patients must first undergo hormone therapy that lasts for at least a year. During the period, the person may be asked to dress like a woman (depending on the details of their case).

After this process, the person’s mental health is evaluated. If the mental health expert examining the person has no reasons to suspect that the person is unsure about their decision, they give the go-ahead to the surgical team.

Eligibility Criteria

An eligible candidate:

  • Has a documented history of gender dysphoria
  • Is mentally stable so that they can make the decision and provide consent
  • Is not a minor
  • Does not suffer from any major illnesses

To ensure that the person is able to cope with psychological changes after the surgery, many doctors ask their patients to provide proof of the existence of their support group.

Preparation for the Surgery

  • Stop smoking before the procedure.
  • If you are obese and weigh in the range of 200 to 240 pounds, you may be required to reduce your weight.
  • If you have major ailments, get a letter of surgical clearance from your doctor.
  • Shave your genital hair before the procedure (not mandatory, but recommended by many surgeons).

Post-Operative Care

  • Follow Mr. Inglefield’s post-surgical care directions as closely as possible.
  • Practice sexual abstinence for at least 12 weeks after the procedure.
  • Avoid physically demanding exercises for at least a couple of weeks after surgery.
  • Dilate regularly for at least 18 months after surgery.

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With the help of plastic surgeon Mr. Chris Inglefield, you can make this life-changing transformation. To find out more about MTF GCS, contact our office today and set up your informative consultation. During this consultation, you will be able to look at before-and-after photos and can ask any questions that you may have regarding the procedure.