I can see why Mary Burke gets so many outstanding reviews. After decades of mostly patronising treatment from medical professionals it was refreshing to have an adult conversation. When we had differences of opinion she listened and understood the aspects of my dysphoria which didn’t fit within the standard pattern and she challenged me on differences which were due to my misconceptions. She gave me exactly the straight-talking no-nonsense approach that I needed to make sure I understood every aspect of such a life-changing decision. All staff in the clinic treated me as an individual and were very understanding that not everyone who suffers from gender dysphoria experiences the same set of symptoms. I had been concerned that I’d have to jump through certain hoops which would’ve been impossible with my current physical disabilities (as the NHS often requires) but the LTC clearly prioritises patient care over box-ticking.
Dr. Popelyuk was especially understanding of my difficult health issues and complicated personal history. I doubt that I could’ve done this without his help and it would be impossible to praise him highly enough.
My waiting time was incredibly short. I still can’t quite believe how easy they made my transition. They’ve given me back my quality of life. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.