My name is Alex and last week I had my six weeks post op top surgery with The London Transgender Clinic, specifically with Dr Inglefield and Natalie the nurse.

Let me tell you honestly, I have never felt so comfortable in my life. My entire life has changed because of the wonderful work the entire team at the clinic do. Not only did they help me get onto hormones, they helped me with top surgery, and every step of the way I have felt supported, safe, and happy putting my life in their hands.

Every single person who works there has a level of professionalism, kindness and rare quality to make you feel safe and confident, that you will not find elsewhere in the UK.

I really do owe them my happiness. I am a completely new person because of their support, they have enabled me to become the man I always wanted to be.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you London Transgender Clinic. You will never know how much I appreciate the work you’ve done.