A mums perspective ❤️

As a mother of my transgender son FTM, who has just gone through top surgery at The London Transgender Clinic, I would like to say that from the very first appointment for Noah he was greeted and treated with great care, understanding and friendliness.

All of the staff were also very helpful and attentive towards my feelings and worries as a parent in making sure I understood everything step and element from treatment to surgery.

I was included in all of the appointments, I was very impressed with the counseling and health checks which were very thorough in getting to know every aspect of Noah’s life.

Mary was excellent in getting Noah onto testosterone asap after the medical examinations.

In May after a year on testosterone Noah underwent top surgery at their private hospital around the corner from clinic, Dr Inglefield and all of the staff were amazing and very supportive in keeping Noah calm and explaining exactly what was going to happen.

The most interesting and emotional moment for me as Mum was when Noah’s dressings were removed and we saw the results of the top surgery.

Noah’s was really smiling, happy at how his chest now looked and I could see that he finally felt like his body matched the man his soul inside is.

It made me cry as I stood back and said “ wow you look amazing “ it struck me how right it looked and suited him.

I have seen the positive mental change and the confidence is already growing in Noah.

As a mother all you ever want is for your children to be happy, content and live their lives how they want to and as parents it is our responsibility to help them to achieve this no matter what it takes to get there.

With the fabulous help and skill of Dr Inglefield and his team I can now watch my son grow mentally stronger and start to take on the world as his true self.

Thank you.