The team at LTC have been incredible. As a trans women coming out in my late 20s I found the waiting lists for the nhs GIC unbearably long. It really was a matter of life or death that I was able to start hormones as soon as possible so through word of mouth I chose to reach out to this clinic. I recently had my 6 month hormone review, Mary adjusted my regiment to help stabilise my mood, spoke to me on such a real personal level about the things I was both happy and unhappy about, i left feeling heard, complimented on my physical progress, totally uplifted and supported. I also recently moved GP and had a slight issue with my Dr carrying on my bridge prescription, I contacted Mary and the girls on reception Friday afternoon and by Monday morning my issues where all resolved and things where back up and running. the level of care is out of this world and I can see why so many chose to stay with this clinic long term. Thankyou so much for everything you do. Samantha x