Through the Gendercare team, I was referred to the LTC for my second appointment where I would be prescribed testosterone. Wait times were very short and the process to book an appointment was painless.

Upon arriving I received a warm welcome and was given paperwork to fill out. After a short waiting period, which worked out perfectly by giving me enough time to fill out the forms, I was greeted by practice nurse Shirley Ryan. Throughout my experience at the clinic she was the friendliest, most lovely person I could have hoped to have seen for this huge step in my medical transition. Shirley was informative, understanding and helpful in running me through the process of medical transition. Throughout this experience I was also allowed to bring a friend with me for support, which I greatly appreciate.

Shirley also has kept in touch with me over the first weeks of HRT.

One snag; after arranging my appointment my time was moved from afternoon to morning unexpectedly. Everything ended up working out alright, though it caused some stress as I live over an hour away. I was notified of the change with ample time to alter plans and so it wasn’t cataclysmic.

Overall I’m very happy with this service and am looking forward to my next visit at my checkup appointment. Thank you very much LTC!