I am a female to male trans individual, who, due to one thing and another, has left my transitioning until now! Aged 42, I decided that the 2 yr min NHS wait to, even get through the door of a clinic, wasn’t suitable for me so I bit the bullet and decided to start the process privately! I anticipate being screwed over, moneywise and that I would need, this that and the other which would end up costing me thousands and thousands!! How completely and utterly wrong could one person get it!
The LTC have the most fantastic members of staff, who truly go out of their way to help YOU!! They try, wherever possible, to keep the expense to a minimum and most certainly DO NOT screw you over!!
Dr Pasterski is kind and understanding and very professional in her manner and delivery of care! She will “get” you, it’s not a test/exam you have to pass and you can just be who you really are! Isn’t that a refreshing concept!?!
Mary Burke is the most amazing, funny and professional nurse you will ever meet! Mary truly embodies all that is great about what I like to call a nurse!! She has a full and deep understanding of who you want to be and truly wants to facilitate you getting there! She will also give you the truth of things no fluffing around or awkwardness about the facts of the matter! Yet she carries this out with a soft, caring and professional attitude!
I only briefly met Mr Inglefield for a quick examination but he paid me the biggest complement I have ever had and thought that my wife was the FTM patient and that I was there as a supportive husband!!! Thank you Mr Inglefield I will forever be grateful for that self confidence boost from you. Also, just to clarify, my wife took it in good humour for that reason too!!
My Wife and I, think that if all nurses and healthcare professional were like the ones based at this clinic, the health industry would be a much better place!
Thanks you doesn’t really cover it but yes just that, just thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting me to transition to be the real me, with ease, dignity and humour!!
Amazing people, amazing place 🙏🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈