Since my first appointment with her back in March, Mary has gone above and beyond to help me receive the right treatment and care and she’s had the best sense of humour about it the entire time, too. Be it contacting GP’s for me or helping me figure out my prescription I’ve always been met with friendliness and professionalism. But I’ve never known someone to go to so much effort to make sure a client/patient is getting the right care and treatment. I’m kinda imaging you in a superhero costume here, Mary, I’m gonna be honest.

My appointment and further contact with Mary has allowed me to feel heard and to be open about my transition. There was no way I was making it through the NHS GIC times, but the LTC helped me through the process of starting HRT faster than I could have hoped for. Even though I’ve had several issues with my GP, several months on Mary is still helping me fight my corner and that’s a really wonderful thing.

The team at LTC have also been incredible, always easy to contact and happy to help out. But I’m so very glad I opted to see Mary. The lady is an actual star and I’m so glad she’s been the one to help me with getting onto and continuing HRT. Even if I did have to stop smoking, which isn’t so bad. I guess. Given that going to see her has turned my life around and all that. ❤