Make me a woman with Louise & Megan – Transgender M2F – Gabby XOXO
About me , Hi my name is Gabby am a M2F Trans, I made an appointment to do a makeup session “make me a woman” with Louise & Megan, I was made to feel very comfortable in a discreet, sympathetic environment as this was my first visit to the clinic & it won’t be my last, having seriously struggled with makeup DIY with google and just got so fed up with it, I was so pleased I booked this makeup session as the results were like more than I expected it was like is that really me when Louise got finished, it was hard to take it all in if that makes any sense. It was too much for me to take in at first, I was blown away.
This helped to further bring me along my trans journey. As i had always before looked in the mirror and the reflection back was without makeup this time with it was like “oh my god”, “is that really me”.
Also Louise has a friend who does really great wigs so no need to buy one ask her about the one’s she has to sell they are very good quality and the price is competitive.
5+ stars is not enough if I could give more I would
Amor vincit omnia “Love conquers all”