Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery is performed to transition the penile and scrotal tissues into the female genitalia. Gender confirmation surgery (GCS) can create a functioning vagina and clitoris and provide an aesthetically normal female external genitalia. During the GCS procedure the testes are removed and the penis is excised. The vagina is then creating by using the penile skin, as well as a skin flap from the posterior of the scrotum. This technique is called a “peno-scrotal inversion” and is performed to make sure that the new vagina (neogavina) has the depth and calibre to allow for normal vaginal intercourse. A new urethral opening and labia is created using the anterior scrotal skin. The clit can then be purely aesthetic or function by using a “sensate glans flap” from the penis glans.

Male to Female Gender Confirmation surgery obviously can vary from patient to patient as Dr. Inglefield works with each individually to achieve their goals, though typically the peon-scrotal inversion techniques creates a depth of up to 20-22cm. It is important for all prospective patients to understand that the male to female gender confirmation surgery is completely irreversible and permanent. If you are ready to begin a conversation about transitioning, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.