Men in good health who have had a persistent desire to live as a female and have demonstrated their ability to do so for a significant period of time may be candidates for Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS). Also known as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), this procedure has two specific aims:

  • Normal female genitalia
  • A functioning vagina and clitoris

During a GCS/GRS surgery, the testes and penis are removed, with the entirety of the penile skin along with the hind part of the scrotal skin being used to create the new vagina. The front of the scrotal skin is then used to create the meatus and labia, while the glans of the penis may be used to create a functioning clitoris.

GCS/GRS surgery is completely irreversible, so it is important for patients to make the most informed decision that works in their own best interests. Contact our office today to schedule an informative consultation that can help you decide if Male to Female Gender Confirmation Surgery is the right choice for you.