Nearly all of us have hair in places we do not want and spend time shaving, plucking and waxing, however for transgender individuals, hair growth can contribute significantly to gender dysphoria. While transfeminine hormone therapy can thin body and facial hair, causing it to become scarcer, laser hair removal can prevent regrowth, leaving skin smooth and hair free.

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Summary of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Treatment Time Varies depending on area
image description
Pain Redness: 1-2hrs Swelling: Minor, localised, 15-30mins
Exercise inc. Gym 24-48hrs
Time Off Work None
Expected Results Initial results seen after 3 treatments Number of Treatments Required: 9-12 Recommended Maintenance: 1 month apart
Anaesthetic None

Reason for Treatment

The goal of laser hair removal is to permanently reduce hair regrowth so that shaving, waxing, plucking and other hair removal tools are no longer required. It is also recommended when an individual is interested in electrolysis, however the treatment area has a large amount of hair. Laser hair removal can be step one in reducing the hair regrowth, followed by electrolysis which can permanently remove those stubborn hairs from returning.


The results can positively impact feelings of dysphoria associated with hair growth, as well as eliminate the side effects of regular shaving and alternative hair removal products/tools such as ingrown hairs and scarring.


  • How much does it cost?

    Cost will vary depending on the area and number of treatments you require. See our price list for details. For an exact quotation of how many sessions you will need, please book a consultation with a member of our team.
  • What happens at the consultation?

    You will meet your treatment provider who will ask you about your goals and concerns. A full medical history will be done, before agreeing a plan for you and discussing the treatment, aftercare and risks in detail. Following this, you will receive a quotation for the treatment recommended. You will also have a test patch at your consultation. Once confirmed that you have had no adverse reactions within 48 hours of the test patch, we can continue with your treatment plan.
  • How do I prepare for my treatment?

    To prepare for your treatment please ensure you:
    • Shave the treatment area the night before
    • Stop using retinol and exfoliation products a minimum of 1 week before your treatment
    • Keep the treatment area away from direct sunlight a minimum of 1 week before your treatment
    And, look forward to your treatment with our wonderful aesthetician! Please note that failure to adequately prepare for your treatment may mean your treatment cannot be carried out and you may still be charged.
  • Is it painful?

    The majority of people find laser hair removal only mildly uncomfortable. At LTC we also provide you with a tool that blows cold air, which you can hold towards the area being treated, which our patients find increases their comfort.
  • What happens after my treatment?

    After your treatment we advise that you:
    • Use aloe vera to soothe the area
    • Avoid touch the area (other than to apply aloe vera)
    • Avoid exercise for 24-48 hours
    • Avoid hot baths and steam rooms for 48 hours
    • Avoid retinol products and exfoliating for 4-5 days
    • Avoid direct sunlight to the area for 1 week.
  • What happens if there is a complication?

    At LTC our hair removal specialists are trained to reduce the risks associated with laser hair removal and complications are rare. In the event of any complications with your treatment you will be medically assessed as soon as possible by your treatment provider or a qualified member of our clinical team and a treatment plan will be recommended.

“Really amazing clinic”

5 5 Star Rating Written onSeptember 13, 2019 Really amazing clinic, I had tried hair removal before in other clinics but it never seemed to remove all the hair, however Jenny is the most wonderful skin expert and so attentive to all your needs, so caring and you immediately know you can fully trust her. The clinic staff is fantastic, they made me feel so welcome. Totally recommend this clinic. Thank you so much!!  

by Julia

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  We support and endorse the Guidelines for the Standards of Care for transgender, trans-individuals set out by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

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