When you are younger, the cartilage on your throat keeps your vocal cords safe. Once you hit puberty, the cartilage will start growing until it forms a bump known as an Adam’s apple.

Many people are unhappy with the way that the girth, shape, and size of their Adam’s apple create a traditionally masculine appearance. Luckily, there is a simple and effective technique that will help you deal with this once and for all.

Adam’s Apple Reduction

Adam’s apple reduction surgery, also known as a tracheal shave or thyroid reduction, is a procedure that is a part of transgender facial-feminisation surgery. This is arguably the simplest operation when it comes to undergoing this surgery.

The Procedure and What to Expect

This surgery takes anywhere from one to one and a half hours to complete. As the tracheal shave is one of the many procedures involved in a facial-feminisation surgery session, you will be under general anesthesia during it. This keeps patients unconscious and free of any pain for the duration of the procedure.

Dr. Inglefield will make a tiny incision in the natural crease below the chin. After locating the thyroid cartilage, the doctor will start folding the muscles in front of it, making it easier to access the Adam’s apple. Once he reduces the size of your Adam’s apple, he will stitch the incision closed.

The Post-Surgical Healing Process

One of the best things about a tracheal shave is the minimal downtime after the surgery. When it comes to a tracheal shave, the downtime is only a week. After this time frame, you can return to your regular activities.

Make sure that you listen to the post-surgical care instructions from Dr. Inglefield, which will help you keep the incision clean at all times. For the first few days after the surgery, you should apply ice packs to the incision area, as this will quicken the healing process.

You will be wearing a post-surgical support garment day and night for the first week after your surgery. This garment helps to control post-operative swelling.

You should rest your voice as much as possible so as not to put any strain on the area. You should try to keep throat clearing or coughing minimal. Yawn as much as possible, as it allows the area to relax.

It is vital that you restore the mucus in your vocal folds. The best way to do this is to inhale steam. Avoid any steam with any aromas, as this can have the opposite effect.

Your Results

As the muscles in the surgical area don’t have any blood vessels, they don’t have the ability to heal and reverse the effects of the surgery. Due to this reason, the result of this surgery is permanent.

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