Dilation problems after MTF genital reconstruction surgery

I had my MTF full genital reconstruction surgery (penile inversion including scrotal tissue) with a well-known surgeon (not at the London Transgender Clinic). While I had experienced no problems with the surgery itself, the surgeon’s specialist nurses had only given me a very short training session with dilation and I didn’t feel their advice had been clear. And I was finding dilation so so difficult and painful! After a couple of weeks post-surgery, in sheer desperation I booked an appointment with a nurse at the London Transgender Clinic. She was amazing! She sat me on the couch, I showed her what I was doing and she quickly corrected my posture, gave me some great tips and for the first time I experienced the feeling of reaching the end-point of my vagina! Almost immediately I was getting to the optimal depth, with very little discomfort! I couldn’t hold back the tears of relief on the couch. She really listened to my concerns and radiated the knowledge and confidence that I needed. She also checked my wounds and stitches and put my mind at rest there as well. I can’t recommend these people enough. Wish I had gone to them earlier!