I had top surgery with Mr Inglefield in Nov 2019. It has, so far, been a great experience!

Mr Inglefield and his team (especially Sinéad who works ridiculously hard and is always available by some sort of miracle) answered all my pre-op questions, were upfront about everything and clear in their instructions.

The surgery itself was surprisingly chill (the anaesthetist was brilliant) and the nurses at the clinic were also really great.

Sinéad was on hand to deal with my many questions (who knew that top surgery recovery would involve so many pictures of my nipples). I saw Mr Inglefield at both my 14 day and 6 week check and will see him again several more times. The aftercare is incredible and I have felt cared for throughout.

Shout out to Lynsey and the MLD – it is extremely relaxing and massively calmed me down both pre and post-op.

10/10 would repeat except… no need as it was perfect the first time :-))))