Breast Augmentation and a Tracheal Shave

It’s been nearly a year now since, as a transgender women, I went to the London Transgender Clinic for breast augmentation and a tracheal shave, and I’m so glad I did. From the start, with my initial consultation, I found Mr Inglefield to be empathetic, charming, a gentleman, and very concise in his explanation of the procedures I was planning on undertaking. His staff are friendly, courteous, caring and professional.

Throughout, the service and attention from Mr Inglefield and staff has been exemplary. I was naturally nervous when I first approached them, but almost immediately felt at ease, and what I presumed would be a major ordeal has been anything but. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, especially the tracheal shave. My adam’s apple was the single most visible aspect of my body that bothered me on a daily basis. Not any more, and the confidence this has given me has transformed my life, giving me the confidence to be the person I am. As for my new breasts, it wasn’t my initial intention to get them, however the financial savings in undergoing the two procedures together persuaded me. That and the thought I’d probably want them doing at some point. Again I’m so glad I did. I knew dealing with my adam’s apple would change my life, but I didn’t fully anticipate the impact having my own fully formed breasts would have on me. They are wonderful. So natural in appearance. What scarring there is, is almost invisible, and I appreciate Mr Inglefield’s precision and attention to detail for that fact. To say I love my breasts is an understatement.

I can’t recommend nor thank Mr Inglefield and members of the London Transgender Clinic enough for what they’ve given me. It’s hard to put into words the change this has had on my life. I will be for ever grateful.