Make me a woman with Louise & Megan – Transgender M2F – Jodie
I am a trans woman who is very early in her journey. I booked ‘the full package: 5-hour experience’ in order to learn a little bit about makeup and put together a look I could go out in. I had never been in public as ‘Jodie’ so the idea of going out shopping was pretty nerve wracking.
Right from the beginning both Louise and Megan were extremely friendly and helped put my mind at ease. Louise did a fantastic job with my makeover and I barely recognised the woman in the mirror when she showed me the finished result. I was blown away!
Megan was also an incredible source of support. As a trans woman herself she is more than capable of helping you find your confidence when out in public.
I finished the day with a lovely few outfits I can wear as ‘Jodie’ and, more importantly, the confidence to face the world.
I couldn’t recommend the service enough!
Jodie x