I spotted a bad review on here complaining about the level of care experienced after surgery. And I just wanted to set the record straight by talking about my experience. I had major surgery (Gender confirmation MTF as well as breast augmentation) with Mr Inglefield 4 weeks ago (Feb 2020). None of my friends or family can quite believe the level of after-care I have experienced.
This surgery I had was complex. I was in theatre for 8 hours and in hospital for a week. I knew that there would be some complications, but each step of the way Mr Inglefield and his team have been there to support me. Each day he visited me in hospital, often several times a day, and he was also in frequent contact with the hospital staff by phone. On one occasion he had just returned home, just started dinner, and when I had an issue he dropped everything and came back to the hospital. Yesterday I had a problem at 10pm on a Saturday night. Within minutes of reporting this to the 24 hour on-call number, Mr Inglefield was in touch with me, and today, Sunday, he came in and opened up the clinic especially to see me and make sure that everything was OK (which it was thankfully). I honestly don’t think there are many other surgeons in the UK who would come back into work on a Sunday just to make sure one patient is OK. Each time I have asked for advice or for something to be checked, the nurses have gone out of their way to see me, make sure I am OK and talk to Mr Inglefield. I have never been made to feel like I’m being awkward, and always made to feel special.
I am just so grateful that I chose to have this surgery with LTC. Please believe me when I say that this clinic has a real obsession with delivering excellent service to their clients and will stop at nothing until you get the results you want.