I am a Trans man (F2M), and I decided to come to the London Transgender Clinic for Top Surgery after being continuously messed about by the NHS! Even though I’d seen the ITV programme Transformation Street, I didn’t really know what to expect! I have had some bad experiences from the medical fraternity so I entered the clinic with baited breathe!
I needn’t have worried! Everyone that I encountered was so kind and caring. I was treated with total dignity at all times.
As any Transgender person will tell you, one of the worst things is having to expose your body to other people…..and the staff here are clearly aware of this! There’s was never any unnecessary expose.
When I met and spoke with Mr Inglefield for the first time he was kind and patient with me….but he clearly knew where I was coming from and what my needs were. He explained everything to me beforehand and also on the day of the surgery. This man is a total Genius!! He has soooo saved my life with his skills!
My nurse, Phyllis, was there for me before, during and after surgery – always at the end of the phone if I needed her…..Brilliant!!!
When I returned to the clinic to have my dressings removed and changed Nurses Natalie and Laura were there. They were so kind, as this was the first time I could see the results of the surgery. They were just as excited as I was!
Everything was carried out in a relaxed, but professional manner at all times. And I must add, the clinic is absolutely, spotlessly clean…..as are all the staff. The ladies are all very well presented and smell gorgeous! (If I’m allowed to say that!)
As part of my surgical package, I received MLD – I’d never heard of it! Manual Lymphatic Drainage – a sort of massage. But this is oh so gentle! Lindsey carried this out pre and post operatively. She was so kind to me the first time as I did not want to expose my breasts and she always kept me covered up! Post op, I didn’t care!!! I was dubious about having this done, but I can happily say it worked!! It did make me feel better after the surgery!
Whenever I’ve had to call the clinic, whoever answers the phone, are always very polite. They always clearly explain everything. And when I’ve visited, there’s always a bright smiley face to greet you at reception!! During the summer, cups of ice cold water were readily available, and upon my visit yesterday (12th Nov 2018), Hannah made me a lovely cup of coffee!!
So, if you are Trans, and looking for medical intervention, this clinic should definitely be your first and only port of call!!
Thank you all so very, very much!!