My medical appointment at the London Transgender Clinic was a great experience.
Any nerves I had prior to the appointment were instantly put at ease the moment I met Mary Burke, the nurse I had for starting hormone therapy. I felt an immediate rapport with her, as she was very personable and to be honest, hilarious!
This made the physical assessment portions of the appointment much more comfortable. I briefly met Dr Christopher Inglefield who checked me over for any abnormalities in my stomach and lower abdomen. Again he was very easy to talk to and kept the atmosphere light.
At the end of the thorough assessment, involving checking over blood test results, the physical exam, as well as a body composition analysis, I was deemed healthy enough to start T, which Mary prescribed to me at the end of the appointment.
I’ve now been on T for almost 4 weeks, and am due for a check up around January. Really thankful that I could get to this point, and looking forward to future appointments with the LTC team! Thank you guys so much!