Im happy to give LTC a massive endorsement ……ive been with the clinic since my first appointment last October …and for some months before, consulting on potential hormone treatment …their initial recommendations regarding pathway, pscychology reports and treatments were excellent and provided caring and expert guidance . After my first psychology report through Dr Lenihan , i was able to secure a very swift first appointment with the hormone specialists at LTC and in late October saw Shirley Ryan who made me feel relaxed, important and cherished …it was a thorough and detailed examination and I came away with my first prescription.
The clinic’s helpfulness didn’t stop there ……via subsequent e mails and correspondence, through the admin team and Shirley, I was able to get my GP to agree to a shared care agreement with LTC , which has proved invaluable and speeds up the process and with vastly reduced cost to me in respect of prescriptions and blood tests …….but i believe the papers which the clinic sent to my GP …with full academic background descriptions of their methodology and ethos, carried a great weight with my gP ( she told me so) and educated her far beyond her existing knowledge of gender incongruence treatment…so thank you LTC. for that …as well as the ongoing help checking test results, reviewing results and revising the prescription ….it has been so heartening after still being on the GIC waiting list after 2 years and 7 months , to receive such caring , knowledgeable and efficient treatment ….im looking forward now to my next full appointment in April.
keep up the great work all of you