Laura Scarrone Gender Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Laura Scarrone - Gender Specialist Clinical PsychologistMs Scarrone Bonhomme BSc (Hons). MSc. CPsychol. is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist who trained and developed her career internationally. Since 2009, she has delivered psychotherapeutic interventions in Spain, South America, and the United Kingdom, accruing a multicultural understanding of relationships. Working in the field of health and medical psychology (with patients struggling with chronic pain, cancer, and other conditions) has furthered her knowledge of the connection between body, mind, and the formation of identity. Laura has extensive experience supporting children, young people, and families to better communicate and understand each other.

Although Laura deals with a broad variety of issues, she specialises in Gender and Sexual Diversity. She is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and she is in the BPS Gender Diversity Specialist Register (GDRS), she is a Member of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS), and a Member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Also, she is an Associate Editor of the British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Review.

Laura is dedicated to improving awareness about the experiences and struggle of gender diverse people and their loved ones. She has published a number of articles and conference papers, and she regularly facilitates talks around the topic of gender and sexual diversity. Laura currently works at the NHS Adult Gender Identity Clinic in Charing Cross, where she has supported over 400 trans, non-binary, and gender questioning individuals to make sense of their circumstances and to deal with gender related issues.

Aware of the difficulties that transitioning can bring not only to the person that is questioning their gender and/or sexuality, but to those around them, and utilising an integrative approach to psychological therapy, Laura facilitates individual, family, and couple/relational therapy in English and Spanish.

Some of the issues you may wish to consult with her are: how can I help my family to better cope with the changes of my transition? How can I explain to my children that I am trans or non-binary? How can I alleviate the feelings of dislike towards my body? How can I manage dysphoria when having sex with my partner/s? How to best negotiate a social transition with people close to me? How can I better manage the pain related to dilations?

To make an appointment with Laura Scarrone, please email [email protected].


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