Gabrielle Sharples Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist/ Trainee Gender Specialist Psychologist

Gabrielle (she/he/they), Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist/Trainee Gender Specialist PsychologistGabrielle Sharples (she/he/they) is an Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist/Trainee Gender Specialist Psychologist. They have an extensive and diverse training background working with GSRD, Bereavement, Grief, Attachment, Trauma, Neurodiversity, Spiritual abuse including Conversion Therapy recovery. Currently completing their MA level in Ancient Biblical Studies and intensive research project, Gabrielle keeps very busy as he works toward his Doctorate. This combination of skills is incredibly valuable as Gabrielle uniquely understands the needs of various communities e.g. in suburban London, where many faiths coexist. This background sets him apart from other therapists and practitioners in that they possess the ability to connect with a client base who may well be underserved by mainstream mental health services.Gabrielle is an accredited registrant with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society, European Association for Counsellors and Trainee member with the British Psychological Society and abide by their ethical codes and guidelines. He also gives talks and seminars in specific niche subjects to institutions and organisations for EDI.

Their Private Practice is Kismet Psychotherapy.

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