Colder months of the year can bring new concerns and issues to our skin.

If you’re wondering what’s the best treatment for dry winter skin, then you should seriously consider the Jet Peel Facial.

The Jet Peel AquaFacial is a relaxing and painless treatment that gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin.

It’s a relaxing hydra-facial which uses water to exfoliate the skin by removing layers of dead skin cells resulting in glowing hydrated skin.

It gently does this by directing a moisturising jet stream on to the skin to cool and comfort the dermis.

Your skin receives a wonderful blast of oxygen into the deeper layers which recharges and revitalises these cells and prompts your body to produce new collagen leaving it radiant.

It’s the perfect treatment to keep the skin supple, hydrated and glowing in the autumn through to winter when it can get extra thirsty.

The Jet delivers moisture, vitamins and nutrients to the skin without even touching it. It delivers a fresh, natural, youthful looking glow and improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles.

To keep skin supple, hydrated and glowing in the autumn you should also have regular facials like the Jet Peel Facial.

Here at the London Transgender Clinic the Jet Peel Facial is extremely popular with our patients.

They find it keeps their skin healthy all year round, not just in the colder months.

To get the best out of your Jet Peel Facial, we also recommend these tips for keeping your skin in top condition during the colder months:

Put a small bowl of water next to or on the radiators around your home.
We would recommend doing this in your bedroom especially if you’re having the heating on at night.
It’s important to introduce some moisture back in the air as central heating can dry the skin.

Lower the thermostat
You’re better off having the thermostat at a comfortable setting instead of too high as this will also dry the skin.

Shower time should be limited and temperature set to lukewarm.
Long hot showers aren’t good news for skin even though it’s tempting to have a hot shower on colder, darker mornings.
But hot showers can dry out and irritate the skin, preventing it from holding in any moisture.
If you have a skin condition such as eczema, high water temperatures can make it worse.

Adjust your facial skincare routine.
Go for cream-based cleansers and go for a toner that is alcohol free.
Alcohol dries the skin and can leave it itchy and flaky.
Bump up the richness in your moisturisers, especially at night. And ensure your day cream still contains sunscreen even on grey, dull rainy days. Don’t forget to use lip balm either. As it gets colder and drier we tend to lick our lips more, creating dryness and cracks. Protect them with a petroleum-based balm.